How to cure insomnia through yoga

The grossly and debilitating fatiguing effect of heat, generally coupled with a high work load and long working hours which gradually leads to one working through holidays sometimes are all key factors which inevitably affect the quantity and quality of sleep. Therefore, it is certainly not surprising that in the summer, the grave problem of insomnia is acute for many people. Fortunately, we have eventually found out from sleeping experts that Yoga can help to alleviate the grave problem caused by insomnia.

Insomnia is a type of body’s alarm bell. It mainly acts as a warning signal which should exactly tell you to greatly change your lifestyle. When your body exquisitely feels bad, even you cannot sleep, it is soon becomes imperative to effectually help it through quite natural means but not just desperately throw sleeping pills at it.

There are three different types of insomnia: transient insomnia, chronic insomnia and acute insomnia. Transient insomnia always lasts from a night to many weeks but it seems more longer. Most people suffer from transient insomnia occasionally due to some special causes, such as  short-term anxiety or jet lag. The insomnia is classified as intermittent insomnia if it continues to frequently occur from time to time. While acute insomnia is the inability to sleep profoundly  consistently for a period of time, from 3 weeks to 6 months. Chronic insomnia is generally  regarded as the most serious one which persists stubbornly  almost nightly for at least a month.

For the symptoms of insomnia, it can be different for each individual, moreover,  people with insomnia might fatefully experience a variety of symptoms. Those are the most symptoms of insomnia:

  • Falling asleep curiously difficult, which means lying in bed for more than one hour, especially for a side sleeper.
  • Awakening during sleep nightly and difficulty to getting back to sleep again.
  • Awakening quite early in the morning.
  • Feeling terribly tired  and not refreshed upon awakening.
  • Daytime drowsiness, irritability, anxiety, and non-productiveness.

You may ask insistently: So will Yoga help to solve this grave problem? The definitely answer is, of course, YES. Yoga is an ascetic of Hindu and spiritual discipline which usually involves meditation, breath control, and the adoption of body postures with certain specific. It results astonishingly in a profound physical and psychological body relaxation.

Hence, in rapidly dealing with the grave problem caused by insomnia, it has been found that some yoga techniques, particularly Ansanas and  Pranayama Yoga are amazingly useful. Professional Yoga coach Natalya Taratuta has specifically provided the following to guide competently us through to effectually  help you use these new techniques to deal with insomnia. In order to let these tips to be effective, it is vitally important to note consciously that you should gradually change some aspects of your lifestyle, and then personally apply the techniques which are outlined below. Because the insomnia probably be the inevitably result of body’s hormonal changes or other deeper physical health problems, it is highly advisable to first contact your family physician. After earnestly consulting your family physician, and if there is nothing other physical health found, then you can use effectively  these tips.

1.Classic means. Before going to bed, you can walking calmly in fresh air or having a glass of hot milk at night, those are a helpful and useful first step.

2.Constantly increase physical activity. Its helpful to do a consistent and stable exercise in the morning. Even it does not matter what type it is, it may be the simple exercise, such as sit-ups, stretches of yoga, jogging or push-ups, however, the particularly important thing is to constantly do it every day for at least ten minutes.

3.Stop watch TV at night. TV swings noiselessly in our subtle emotions and hence seriously interfere with completely normal sleep. A dream which comes punctually at a time when your eyes are no longer able to distinctly perceive the vivid image on the TV screen is certainly not the best dream. Because it indeed wears the fatigue shade, even if next day you sleep profoundly for a long time, you will still exquisitely feel broken.

4.Before bedtime, relaxing completely two or three hours, engaging a soothing activity, which does not closely involve related with the TV or computer. There are many examples of such soothing activities, particularly including ideal creative arts, such as embroidery or knitting.

5.Be more attentive to entire family and be more patient towards to other people. It is highly necessary to revise carefully the relationship with your family and environment around. Our thoughts often wander dreamily in a small circle after a bitter argument: we grind endless conversations in our images, heads and feelings of anger, frustration and resentment token over. We must accept cheerfully   that people are not to completely blame for the real fact that they could irritate us: we are also trend  to blame hastily, because we want to powerfully  attract those who anger us into our daily lives.

6.Appropriately use the power of pranayama which is a set of advanced yoga techniques helping to effectively control human breath. As we all knows,  human thoughts are a extremely thin substance, and before controlling them,  you sorely need to have the ability full control of your own body to effectively control them. Asanas Yoga greatly helps in this regard. Its physical exercises conscientiously teach us to appropriately use force against the will from your body, you can naturally  get up on the mat and take the exercises every morning. This is a first essential step. The next important step is to steadily gain power over the thoughts by full controlling over breathing through pranayama. Generally speaking, you can control these vagrant thoughts admirably through controlling your breathing by taking stretch breaths and breathing in different kinds of modes.

Breathing exercises which will enormously help to relax and calm down before bedtime.

Close your eyes calmly, sit on the bed with your leg crossed, and forget cleanly about every trouble  and annoying thing that ever happened to you during the day. At this time, it is fairly important not to think anything. First, start slowly, inhaling air through your left nostril and then exhaling your waste gas through the right nostril. Then you need to just do the same thing as described above, but only in reverse: inhaling air through your right nostril and exhaling through the left one. After about 10 minutes of these continuous practice, this type of calming breathing mode exactly balances the hemispheres of the brain and create the purification effect of the head: annoying thoughts evaporate gradually, and we incomparably calm down and naturally fall asleep.

Yoga Nidra is a kind of yogic concentrating on meditative sleep: taking 1 hour of Yoga Nidra exercise  is equal broadly to normal sleeping with 4 hours. Exercise is effectively performed in Shavasana mode which acts as the pose of a strong dead body. Lie on your back (preferably lie in bed) and then restfully  relax with the music of erudite meditation (those meditation music can be  found through Internet or purchased from yoga center or stores). When you are relaxing, you have to visualize the comfortably  journey of your own strong body in your mind. Those meditation music can relax blissfully your body parts with an effect equal comparing to a good nights sleep.

7.Remember to be exempt from unnecessary thoughts. Generally speaking, it is undoubtedly advisable to attentively observe your thoughts, or completely being in silence at least without being exclusively engaged in any other thing which has eventually become your regular and common practice, such as television, internet, charting and books etc. Try to develop gradually a habit which letting your thoughts gone off for a quarter every day. During this time, not only rest your body but also relax your mind; Meanwhile, if you regularly do the above exercise, then you will soon need less time to recovery yourself.

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